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Keep It Simple Stickers

Reply and react to your friends’ messages with the
Keep It Simple Sticker-pack featuring all of your favorite phrases!

Keep It Simple Stickers

The first sticker pack we launched offers an ever-growing number of fun phrases and sayings, available at your fingertips. Keep It Simple Stickers currently counts 96 unique expressions, with regular updates to come.

Alpha Beta Stickers

Keep It Simple Stickers brings you the most powerful collection of stickers with Alpha Beta – the alphabet!

Alpha Beta Stickers

Following the success of our first pack, we wanted to give the people what they had been longing for: an even more powerful tool to use in their conversations. We asked ourselves, can it get more versatile than separating words into letters?

Alpha Beta launched with the US alphabet available. Soon after that, special characters were introduced. In 2020 we expanded even further – offering numbers.

More exciting updates coming in 2021.


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